Couldn’t find my kitten anywhere, then I walked passed the pot plant and saw this

A c d f l p u

A. WHY MY LAST RELATIONSHIP ENDED. Because we just became friends. Oh and he threw up all over in my car. Every time I drove to work (which was an hour drive) I had to sit and smell that shit and it made me rage inside.
C. WHO I LIKE AND WHY I LIKE THEM. I like my boyfriend Patrick just kidding I love him he’s so supportive and adorable and so so sweet and he spoils me and we’re moving in together this weekend.
F. MY FAVOURITE MOVIE. An Education because it’s a lesson I needed to learn when I was in college
L. ONE OF MY INSECURITIES. Ummm I can’t think of anything right now I’m too happy
P. WHY I HATE SCHOOL. YES college is so overrated like seriously. I went for a year and a half, became $14k in debt and I didn’t get ANYTHING from it. No “college experience” or any of that bullshit, I was to take “required classes” which didn’t interest me but just took my money so I dropped out and became a much happier person. I’m not societies idea of an ideal life, but I’m working my way up the old fashioned way. One day I’ll be managing my own Panera and be making $40k-60k that way. And not be spending it all paying back loans!
U. WHERE I WANT TO BE RIGHT NOW. In Pat and I’s new apartment. Or in South Dakota, I’ve been homesick lately.


braudphark, ireland


did you chop down this tree?

is that the lorax